The EV M-10 High-Capacity Multi-Hearth Source

Ferrotec's EV M-10 electron beam evaporation source

The EV M-10 is the new high capacity Electron Beam source, designed by FerroTec Germany. It has been designed for applications requiring the deposition large amounts of material as well as large volume vacuum coating chambers. This source incorporates well proven e-beam technology including water cooling, rotary drive and magnetic components. Moreover, its newly designed source body, crucibles and the filament block result in a more efficient and effective operation.


  • Directly cooled crucibles with large capacity
  • Customer specified crucibles can be manufactured
  • High efficiency emitter assembly
  • Standard beam deflection system with optimized magnetic field
    by High Accuracy Magnetic Field Modeling

Designed for Versatility

The EV M-10 is used for optical, electronic and high rate deposition processes. Several standard crucible sizes are offered. If our standard crucibles do not fit your application requirements, FerroTec can design customized crucibles for you. This universal evaporator can be attached to most control systems and power supplies.



Optimized for optical and electronic applications, the EV M-10 is ideal for use in large systems that produce high quality filters and metal layers. Evaporation rates up to 70 nm/sec are possible (e.g. Titanium @ 6 KW has an evaporation rate of 70 nm/sec in a distance of 250 mm source to quartz). Using a crucible with four, six, or eight hearths, the quantity is 60cc, 40cc, or 20cc (respectively) per hearth.


Simple to maintain

The EV M-10 has been engineered for easy maintenance and service. Our newly designed crucible cover can be removed with only two screws allowing the crucible to be exchanged for cleaning or replacement in just a couple of minutes. Likewise, the cathode assembly is removed in seconds by removing only one screw. The filament may be exchanged in a few minutes outside the chamber. The new filament assembly tool allows precise alignment of the filament to the filament block. One Beam Emitter Assembly Set includes a retainer, screwdriver and tweezers.



Max Power
10 kW
Acceleration Voltage
4–10 kV
Max. Filament Current
50 A
Primary Beam Deflection
270° by permanent magnet
Bake Out Temperature
± 3 A (100 Hz)
± 3 A (100 Hz)
Spot Size Diameter
< 3 mm with no or minimal variation between front- and back side of pocket
Max. Evaporation rate 
Ag > 15.000 Å/min @ 8 kW 
Ti > 42.000 Å/min @ 6 kW
AI > 12.000 Å/min @ 10 kW
(250 mm source – substrate distance)
Min. Base Pressure
10–8 mbar
Cooling Water Requirements
10 l/min
Mounting Requirements
32 mm base plate hole
30 kg (66 lb)

dimension specifications of Ferrotec's EVM-10 electron beam evaporator


For more information, download the EV M-10 datasheet (680K pdf file) »