Feature, Parameter, or SpecificationXTC/3S Single LayerXTC/3M Multiple Layer
Frequency change measurement resolution0.028 Hz0.028 Hz
Measurement interval.25 seconds.25 seconds
Thickness & rate resolution / measurement0.034 Angstroms @Tooling/density = 100,
fundamental frequency = 6 MHz
0.034 Angstroms @Tooling/density = 100,
fundamental frequency = 6 MHz
Measurement technologyModeLockModeLock
Number of processes199
Number of layers1999
Number of material programs (or Films)932
Number of sensor inputs2 standard2 standard
CrystalSix / Crystal 12 sensor supportYesYes
Support XTAL2 switchYesYes
Number of source outputs2 standard2 standard
Computer communicationsRS232 standard, Ethernet TCP/IP optionalRS232 standard, Ethernet TCP/IP optional
Max RS232 baud rate115.2 Kbaud115.2 Kbaud
Automatic crystal switchYesYes
Number of relays12 standard, not event assignable12 standard, event assignable
Number of programmable relay functions11
Functions per relay11
Relay voltage rating30VDC or 30VAC RMS or 42V peak at 2.5 Amps30VDC or 30VAC RMS or 42V peak at 2.5 Amps
Number of inputs8 TTL, 24VDC Max8 TTL, 24VDC Max
Number of programmable input functions1, not event assignable1, event assignable
Number of recorder outputs11
Manual power / hand held controllerYesYes
Exhaust fanNo exhaust fanNo exhaust fan
Test modeYesYes
Shutter delayYesYes
Secondary toolingYesYes
Crystal starting frequency6 MHz6 MHz
Maximum allowed frequency shift1.0 MHz1.0 MHz
Case dimensionshalf rack, 2U highhalf rack, 2U high
Rate and thickness display resolution0.1 A/s for 0.0 to 99.9 A/s, 1 A/s for 100 to 999 A/s, display thickness resolution = 1 A0.1 A/s for 0.0 to 99.9 A/s, 1 A/s for 100 to 999 A/s, display thickness resolution = 1 A
Film select via inputsYesNo
User guide languagesEnglish, ChineseEnglish, Chinese
Control loopsPIDPID
Software to operate from PCYesYes
Quality and stability functionYesYes
Sample and hold (RateWatcher)YesYes
Crucible selectionYesYes
Crucible feedback inputYesYes
Select control voltage polarityYes, +/- 2.5, 5, 10 Volts; 15-bit ResolutionYes, +/- 2.5, 5, 10 Volts; 15-bit Resolution
Program lock codeYesYes
CrystalSix / Crystal 12 sensor supportYesYes
Display with graphicsYesYes
User labeled processes (cell phone style alphanumeric entry)NoYes
User Labeled Films (cell phone style alphanumeric entry)NoYes
Transfer sensor controlYesYes
XTC/2 RS232 communications compatibilityYes (limited)Yes (limited)

XTC 3 Ordering Information

ProductCapacityCatalog #Add product
XTC/3S deposition controller
Single layer model supports up to 9 films, 2 sensors and two sources
XTC/3M deposition controller
Multiple layer model supports up to 99 processes,
999 layers, 32 films, 2 sensors and two sources.
Rack mount kit for XTC/3
Provides all hardware/bracket needed for mounting the XTC/3 in a standard 19-inch electronics rack

XTC/3 parts and sccessories

ProductCapacityCatalog #Add product
XTC/3 oscillator and 15ft cable
Oscillator and 15 foot coaxial cable for the XTC/3
XTC/3 oscillator and 30ft cable
Oscillator and 30-foot coaxial cable for the XTC/3
Inficon-type standard sensor kit
Quartz crystal sensor with single sensor head; includes integral water lines,
tool for bending water lines, crystal snatcher, cozxial cable, and five spare crystals
Inficon-type dual sensor kit
Crystal sensor with two crystals in one sensor head; designed specifically to support
CrystalSwitch function; includes integral water lines, bending tool, coaxial cable,
crystal snatcher, five spare crystals, and a pneumatically actuated shutter.
Note: Use of this sensor requires two oscillators and a shutter control valve,
all of which must be ordered separately.
Standard feedthrough for inficon sensors
Standard 1-in bolt-hole feedthrough with O-ring seal,
two water lines and one coaxial interconnection
Pneumatic shutter control valve
For use with dual sensor head;
mounts directly to sensor feedthrough; includes bracket and tubing adapter
O-ring sealed feedthrough for Inficon dual sensor
Standard 1-in. bolt-hole feedthrough with O-ring seal for use with Inficon’s dual sensor head;
contains two ater lines, one air lin, and two coaxial interconnections

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