System Components for End-Users—Upgrades, Repairs, and Retrofits

If you have an existing coating system and you need spare parts, replacements, or you’re interested in making a system upgrade, Ferrotec’s vacuum coating components offer a solution to fit your requirements.

Temescal System Components and Accessories

Whether you’re looking for replacement parts for your existing Temescal system or retrofit parts to upgrade your existing system with premium Temescal components, Temescal offers a complete line of components and kits to meet your requirements. Learn more »

Temescal E-Guns »

Temescal Power Supplies and Sweeps »

Temescal Deposition Controllers »

Components and Accessories from Ferrotec Germany

Ferrotec offers guns and power supplies designed and manufactured in Germany. These guns feature a unique center-mount technology that routes all services through a single, contained channel. For replacements or upgrades to systems using this technology, contact Ferrotec for more information.

Electron Beam Guns »

Ferrotec offers a range of single hearth and multihearth e-beam guns for a wide range of deposition requirements.

Electron Beam Controllers »

Ferrotec’s programmable Genius deposition controller delivers advanced functionality and is used in many of the top precision e-beam systems.

E-Beam Power Supplies »

Ferrotec’s Carrera series of power supplies uses primary switched mode technology to offer high efficiency and fast arc detection and recovery in a compact unit.