Eliminate Complexity and Simplify Your Electron Beam Control System

The Genius II Multi-function Integrated Electron Beam Controller, a unique new component-level solution for simplifying electron beam systems. With the Genius II controller you can consolidate components, reduce costs and simplify management of common functionality though a unified interface. The Genius II controller is designed to work with integrated feedthrough e-guns and Carrera series power supplies.

Multi-function Integrated Controller

Simplify your system with one 19” rack-mount unit and eliminate the need for discrete control components.

  • E-Beam controller
  • High voltage power supply controller
  • Sweep controller
  • Turret controller

Simplified Operator Interface

Make it easier for operators to run your e-beam system.

  • Multiple control systems managed through a single touch screen interface
  • Access basic operating information through the easy-to-read home screen
  • Basic control adjustments can be made with a couple of clicks
  • Identify and correct complex system errors from single screen
  • Enjoy “at-a-distance” operation using the convenient hand-held universal remote

Lower Your Component Cost

Ferrotec’s Genius II EBC integrated controller offers a substantial savings versus the cost of discrete devices.

  • Save money purchasing one integrated system instead of a rack full of discrete components
  • Reduce your component operating power consumption with one unit instead of four

Simplify Your System Wiring

Streamline your system with the EBC and eliminate tangled wires and spaghetti interconnects.

  • All controller wiring routes to a single component
  • Eliminate legacy wiring and connections between controllers

OEM ready

Ferrotec’s Genius II EBC platform is designed for streamlined integration into PLC environments.


Genius II EBC Integrated Controller User Manual

Genius II EBC Integrated Controller Quick Start Guide

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