Eliminate Complexity and Simplify Your Electron Beam Control System

The Genius2 Multi-function Integrated Electron Beam Controller, a unique new component-level solution for simplifying electron beam systems. With the Genius2 controller you can consolidate components, reduce costs and simplify management of common functionality though a unified interface. The Genius2 controller is designed to work with integrated feedthrough e-guns and Carrera series power supplies.

Multi-function Integrated Controller

Simplify your system with one 19” rack-mount unit and eliminate the need for discrete control components.

  • E-Beam controller
  • High voltage power supply controller
  • Sweep controller
  • Turret controller

Simplified Operator Interface

Make it easier for operators to run your e-beam system.

  • Multiple control systems managed through a single touch screen interface
  • Access basic operating information through the easy-to-read home screen
  • Basic control adjustments can be made with a couple of clicks
  • Identify and correct complex system errors from single screen
  • Enjoy “at-a-distance” operation using the convenient hand-held universal remote

Lower Your Component Cost

Ferrotec’s Genius2 EBC integrated controller offers a substantial savings versus the cost of discrete devices.

  • Save money purchasing one integrated system instead of a rack full of discrete components
  • Reduce your component operating power consumption with one unit instead of four

Simplify Your System Wiring

Streamline your system with the EBC and eliminate tangled wires and spaghetti interconnects.

  • All controller wiring routes to a single component
  • Eliminate legacy wiring and connections between controllers

OEM ready

Ferrotec’s Genius2 EBC platform is designed for streamlined integration into PLC environments.


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