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15kW Simba 2 Power Supply controls up to 3 guns

The Temescal Simba 2 electron beam power supply is a constant-voltage power supply capable of continuously delivering -10 kV at 1.5 amperes as well as filament power for up to three electron beam sources. The entire 15-kW high-voltage output can be delivered to one electron beam source or shared with up to three sources operating simultaneously in one, two, or three vacuum chambers. Compatible with sources featuring either permanent-magnet or electromagnetic deflection, the Simba 2 power supply offers stable output at all voltage levels, rapid arc recovery, ease of integration, and safety and convenience for operating as well as service personnel.

Available Options:

  • Single Gun Control Simba: 208/240V, 380/415V or 480V
  • Two Gun Control Simba: 208/240V, 380/415V or 480V
  • Three Gun Control Simba: 208/240V, 380/415V or 480V


Multiple voltage and current ranges enhance the versatility of the Simba 2 power supply. The power supply operates in user-selectable voltage ranges of -3 to -7 kV and -6 to -10 kV. Voltage output is linearly adjustable within each range and regulated to within +1%. The gun control circuit enables the user to define four emission current ranges for each electron beam gun, ensuring excellent low-power stability. Each gun’s emission current is fully adjustable within each range and independently regulated to +1%.

  • 15kw of high-voltage output for simulataneous operation of up to three electron beam sources.
  • Rack-mountable controls
  • Optional interface for control by host computer
  • Constant voltage in two user-selectable ranges
  • Linearly adjustable voltage output
  • Current control programmable in four ranges, ensuring excellent low-power stability
  • Adjustable arc supression settings on HV regulator
  • Tetrode tube high-voltage regulation to within 1%
  • Constant emission current regulation to within 1%
  • Air cooled
  • Pre-wired for quick and easy expansion to two or three output channels
  • Completely safety interlocked for maximum operator and equipment protection
  • Easy access and PCB-mounted controls for easy trouble-shooting and servicing


Input power208/220/240 V ac, 50/60 Hz
High-voltage output15 kW at 10 kV (can be supplied to one source or shared among two or three sources)
Fully adjustable -6 to -10 kV
Regulated to within 1%
Beam CurrentFully adjustable from 0 to 1.5 A dc
Regulated to within 1%
Gun Filament Transformer Input120 V ac, 7 A maximum per source
Gun Filament Transformer Output12 V ac, 70 A maximum per source
Longitudinal Coil CurrentAdjustable 0 to 3 A dc into a 5-ohm load per source
Auxiliary Power120 V ac for gun filament transformer primary
Beam Sweep CapabilityLongitudinal and lateral when operated with a beam sweep controller
Control Input0 to + 10 V dc for closed-loop operation with a deposition thickness/rate controller
Power Module Weight720 lbs. (324 kg)
Power Module Dimensions40 in. high x 27-3/4 in. deep x 23-1/4 in. wide
(1016 mm x 705 mm x 590 mm)
Gun Interface Chassis Dimensions7 in. high x 19 in. wide
(178 mm x 483 mm), rack mountable
Remote Control Panel Dimensions5-1/4 in. high x 19 in. wide
(133 mm x 483 mm), rack mountable
EnvironmentMust be free of corrosive fumes and vapors
Ambient TemperatureMust remain between 50° and 90° F (10° and 32° C)
Humidity50% maximum, noncondensing

Temescal Simba 2 Power Supply

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