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  • Fully Digital Operation with Internal Storage up to 64 User-Defined Sweep Patterns

Fully Digital Operation with Internal Storage up to 64 User-Defined Sweep Patterns

The Temescal SuperSweep64 beam sweep controller offers fully digital operation, internal storage for up to 64 user-defined sweep patterns, and compatibility with almost any commercially available e-beam gun. Digital programmability means that arbitrary sweep patterns can be designed to address, dwell at, or avoid any of 1024 discrete points. With its Windows based programming software and hand-held controller, the SS64 offers the precision and flexibility required in the most demanding e-beam PVD processes.

Available Options:

  • Universal Rack-Mount Kit
  • Cabling Kit

Waveform Design Screen Displaying Lissajous and Dwell Patterns


The SS64 provides proprietary Windows-based software for waveform design and modification. This software enables the user to simulate any waveform on a PC.

  • Operates with virtually any e-beam gun
  • Proprietary Windows-based software enables user to design custom waveforms or modify existing sweep patterns
  • Windows interface also allows waveform simulation on a PC and control/monitoring of the SS64 by a PC 
  • Hand-held remote controller enables user to design waveforms while watching the actual beam sweep
  • Five available waveforms: sine, saw-tooth, triangular, clipped, and arbitrary.
  • Sweep patterns address 1024 discrete points
  • Patterns can be designed to dwell at or avoid specific points
  • Sweeper’s memory stores up to 64 patterns; an unlimited number can be stored on computer media
  • Built-in noise suppression protects unit from transients generated by process arcing
  • Improved shielding provides enhanced protection against EMI and RMI
  • User-adjustable lateral and longitudinal position limits


Max. sweep current-4 A to +4 A
Frequency range1 to 200 Hz
Waveform resolution8 bits. (0.4%)
Waveform typesSine, triangle, saw-tooth, clipped, and arbitrary
Addressable points1024
Internal waveform storageUp to 64 patterns
Dimensions8.5″ W x 5.25″ H x 14″ D
Weight10 lbs.
Power requirements100–240 V ac, 50–60 Hz
Computer I/O portsRS-232 and RS-485
Remote Inputs 
Remote sweep enableContact closure or 24 V dc
Remote modify enableContact closure or 24 V dc
Remote Outputs 
Emission current ctl. output0 to 10 V dc out
Coil current monitor output0 to 10 V dc out per coil
Long./lateral position limitsContact closure

Temescal Model SuperSweep64 Digital E-Beam Sweeper

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