CV 12SLX—Stable Power Output for Single or Dual Guns

The Temescal Model CV-12SLX is a 12-kW, constant-voltage switching power supply designed to power and control a single electron beam source. The CV-12SLX power supply is compatible with sources featuring permanent or electromagnetic deflection. Delivering up to 10 kV at 0–1200 mA, the model CV-12SLX makes it possible to achieve substantial deposition rates in production environments. The power supply also offers stable output at all voltage levels, rapid arc recovery, ease of integration, and safety and convenience for operating as well as service personnel.

Available Options

  • Single Gun—CV-12SLX, 208V or 400V
  • Two Gun—CV-12SLX, 208V or 400V
  • Reliable, stable power delivery
    • HV linearly adjustable from 0 to 10 kV
    • Emission current linearly adjustable from 0 to 1200 mA
    • Solid-state HV regulation to within ± 0.5%
    • Constant emission current regulation to within ± 0.5%
    • Arc recovery within 3.5 ms
  • Autobias control feature maintains optimal bias voltage as filament ages
  • 14 front panel fault-indicator LEDs
  • Rear-panel diagnostic port facilitates in-depth fault analysis, when necessary
  • Front panel HV and emission current meters
  • Ready access for servicing and adjustment
    • Easily removed covers on power module and filament power supply module
    • PCB-mounted adjustment pots
  • Easily integrated power module, with safety protection for equipment and personnel
    • Rack mountable
    • Compact and lightweight (93 lbs. total)
    • Air cooled
    • Completely safety interlocked
  • CE certified



Input power 208 V ac +10%/-5%, 60 Hz, 50 A
3-phase delta (4-wire) or
400 V ac +10%/-5%, 50 Hz,30 A
3-phase delta (5-wire)
Weight 12 kW at 10 kV max.
Fully adjustable 0–10 kV
Regulated to within ±0.5%
HV circuit Accurate voltage control
Constant ground reference
Instantaneous arc recovery
Beam current Fully adjustable, 0–1200 mA dc
Regulated to within ±0.5%
Power module
Dimensions 8.75 in. H x 19 in. W x 21 in. D
Weight 105 lbs.
Filament power supply
Input power 220V AC ±10%, 6.25 A, 50/60 Hz, single-phase
Output 10 V ac, 50 A, 40 kHz max. per source
Dimensions 6.5 in. H x 6.5 in. W x 11 in. D
Weight 10 lbs.
Environment Must be free of corrosive vapors
Ambient temp. 40° C maximum
Humidity 10%–90%, noncondensing

Temescal Model CV-12SLX Electron Beam Power Supply

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Temescal Model CV-12SLX Electron Beam Power Supply User Manual

CV-12SLX Power Supply—Standard

CV-12SLX Power Supply—GUI-Controlled

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