Temescal SuperSource E-Guns—The Industry Standard for Electron Beam Deposition

With their removable crucible covers, Temescal’s Model 3CK, 2CK and 1CK SuperSources offer enhanced versatility, convenience, and dependability in a wide variety of coating applications. The crucible cover exposes only the pocket in evaporation position, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Crucible cover removal allows speedy source replenishment and makes it easy to clean the crucible and adjacent structures in situ, without risk of cross-contamination. Removing the cover requires only the removal of four screws; it is not necessary to blow the cooling water out of the source beforehand. In addition, once the water is blown out of the source, the crucible can easily be replaced, either with a clean crucible of the same pocket configuration or with a differently configured crucible.



  • Temescal 3CK, rated up to 12kW
  • Temescal 2CK, rated up to 10kW
  • Temescal 1CK, rated up to 8kW
  • Easily removable/replaceable top plate and crucible
  • Side or bottom drive
  • Multipocket crucibles are available in numerous configurations
  • Continuous-trough carousels, crucibles with banana-shaped pockets, and ‘skillet’-type evaporant holders are also available with the 3CK and 2CK source
  • Smaller crucibles are offered for the 1CK gun in 4x7cc and 6x4cc pocket configurations
  • Power ratings: 1-12 kW (Model 3CK), 1-10 kW (Model 2CK) and 1-8 kW (Model 1CK)
  • Enhanced crucible cooling improves thermal stability during evaporation
  • Ultra-stable magnetics eliminate the need to regauss magnetic parts following source disassembly
  • Adjustable internal and external polepiece extensions optimize beam spot control


Temescal Removable Cover SuperSource Specifications

Dimensions See illustration
Weight 23.5 lbs. (10.7 kg)
Rotation torque 10 in.• lbs. (11.5 kg • cm)
Max. bakeout temp. 302° F (150° C)
Max. power 8 kW
Acceleration voltage 4–10 kV
Operating pressure
Maximum 5 X 10-4 torr (6.7 X 10-4 mbar)
Minimum 1 X 10-4 torr (1.33 X 10-4 mbar)
Beam characteristics
Deflection 270°
Spot size/shape From tight oval to diffuse oblong
Evaporation rate 25 kÅ of Aluminum at 10-in. (254-mm) source-to-substrate distance
Sweep capability Longitudinal and lateral when operated with a beam sweep controller

Installation Requirements

Input power
Filament current 70 A at 12 V ac
Emission current 0–1.5 A at 4–10 kV dc (8 kW max.)
Cooling water
Max. temperature 68° F (20° C)
Flow rate 2.75 gpm (0.17 l/sec.)
Max. inlet pressure 100 psi (6.89 bar)
Min. delta pressure 50 psi (3.45 bar)
High voltage Two HV feedthroughs rated for 12 kV at 70 A
Octal One octal feedthrough rated for 110 V at 3 A per lead
Dual pass One dual-pass feedthrough with 3/8-in. (9.5-mm) OD tubes
Rotary One rotary-motion feedthrough with 1/4-in. (6.4-mm) diameter shaft

Representative Deposition Rates

The chart below shows deposition rates obtained using Temescal sources such as the 2PT and the 3PT. Consult Temescal for detailed information about how deposition rate and uniformity are affected by source operating volt age, beam sweep and density, and other fundamental process variables.

Deposition Rates of Various Materials from Temescal Sources*

*25-cc pockets used in all tests. Source-to-substrate distance: 250 mm

Model 1CK Dimensions

Model 2CK Dimensions

Model 3CK Dimensions

Temescal Model 2CK and 3CK Removable Cover SuperSources

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Temescal Model 1CK Removable Cover SuperSource

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Temescal Model 3CK Removable Cover SuperSource User Manual

Temescal Model 2CK Removable Cover SuperSource User Manual

Temescal Model 1CK Removable Cover SuperSource User Manual

When ordering a Temescal e-gun, you need to follow this process:

Step 1

Specify a source

Step 2

Specify a crucible

Step 3

Specify a crucible cover

For each source you wish to order, you must select part numbers for:

  • A base unit
  • An emitter
  • A spare parts kit

After selecting your source, crucible and cover, please select any accessories that you would like to add to your order.

3CK SuperSource—Base Unit* and Emitter

3CK SuperSource—Crucible Cover

2CK and 3CK Source Accessories

Items to be included in your quote request

2CK SuperSource—Base Unit* and Emitter

2CK SuperSource—Crucible

2CK SuperSource—Crucible Cover

Items to be included in your quote request

1CK—Base Unit

1CK Crucible

1CK Crucible Cover

1CK Optional Source Accessories

1CK Optional Crucible Liners for 7-cc Pockets

Items to be included in your quote request